Best of the Best Greece

Best of the Best Greece

Book Design, celebrating fabulous jackets published in 2021/2022 for general trade publishing from the BolognaBookPlus Market of Honour 2023, GREECE.


The Raven

Edgar Allan Poe
Shakespearikon Editions

The Other and I. Identity and Alterity

67 authors from the Hellenic Authors’ Society
Sokolis Publications

The Invisible life of Addie Larue

V. E. Schwab
Selini Publications

The Cypriot Fiddler: An Oral History of a Professional Class in the Twentieth Century

Nicoletta Dimitrou
Psifides Publishing

The Cookbook

Madame Ginger
Minoas Editions

Beyond the fences

Brikena Gisto
Iolkos Publications

Long-gone Mistra

Thanos Papathanassopoulos
Archeio Publications

Archeology, my love, come and take me from here

Theodoro Papakostas
Key Books


Aria Athanasaki
Radamanthys Publication

The passage to Amorgos

Christos Nomikos
Pnoi Publications

Material for the history of Venetian Ellenicism

Chrysa Maltezou
University Publications of Crete

Ulysses’ death

Dimitris Simos

Anthology of heavenly teachings

various authors
The Divine Light-Spiritualist Society of Athens