A sneak peek into the artist’s studio

Pencils, brushes, ink, watercolours, collage, technique: What goes into an artist’s Style

Melissa Sweet has been twice awarded the Orbis Pictus Award of the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) for non-fiction books. Melissa has tackled all manner of books: from accounts of William Carlos Williams and E.B. White through to dictionaries. Whether a watercolour or brilliant collage in the very latest fluo colours, each page is a multicoloured oasis, a true feast for the eyes. The flatter colours of Jeanette Winter illustrate major events and themes featured in books: when war breaks out, people must take refuge but books too must be taken to safety.
Since his debut, Oliver Jeffers has interpreted his stories with humour and poetic skill. An example is The Incredible Book Eating Boy. He pays a poetic tribute to children’s literature in the award-winning A Child of Books, a journey through the world of words and stories.
Libraries are illustrated in strong impactful images by Zachariah Ohora and John Parra. The huge question mark on the cover of the two books signed by Daniel Fehr and Maurizio A.C. Quarello prepare the reader for a fun story where there will be no lack of twists and turns to make reading an enjoyable game.
Natalie Jane Prior and Cheryl Orsini create a more rarefied atmosphere as they invite readers to become acquainted with bookstores and libraries, while for Cédric Ramadier and Vincent Bourgeau, the book is the only character of a long, fortuitous saga - a character with a full gamut of feelings, just like us humans.