Finding Sólin

Sólin Sekkur’s capacity to condense feelings in his characters convinced us to choose him among the 77 illustrators selected for the 2021 BCBF Illustrators Exhibition.

The BCBF Visual Identity Workshop is a design process aimed at pulling together illustration, graphic design, typography and wording to create the BCBF’s annual visual identity. Every year it gives a young artist, chosen from among those selected for the Illustrators Exhibition, the opportunity to develop the visual universe for the following BCBF in co-production with Chialab.

Sólin Sekkur is the illustrator chosen for the 2022 edition. The workshop took place during the pandemic and was therefore conducted entirely online. Given the circumstances, Sólin Sekkur and Chialab were faced with a challenge: to express the desire for reopening and celebration, which typify the Fair, without forgetting the fragility of the historical period we are all living through. So, following intense work, wondrous colourful characters began to emerge and the idea of a parade came to life.
In this parade each figure brings an idea, a gift, simultaneously evoking delicate and deep feelings.
In the choral rhythm of a parade, Olmo, Xico, Pacha, Libri, Kef, the couple Lotta and Vitta and Nimbo all come to life. All the guests bring presents, stories to tell, exceptional gifts that transport us into their worlds and touch on deep chords.

“Perhaps our research was prompted by a certain despondency over social distancing and the need to find something that would touch us profoundly; something that would evoke a state of mind, capture a mood, and reveal a personality” (Beppe Chia, Chialab)

The slogan “Children’s Content Rocks! Join the party” followed. It expresses both a wish and a promise. See you all at BCBF.