Women, donne, femmes, Frauen, 女性, mujeres, wanawake, نساء …

As it happens, 8 March, when we celebrate International Women’s Day, falls during the 60th Bologna Children’s Book Fair. But what do we have to celebrate, we may ask?

Perhaps it’s the enormous amount of work being done by children’s publishing, an industry run to a large extent by women: legendary women publishers; editors; writers and illustrators; bookstore managers; librarians, and promoters
of reading. And it’s also mostly women who organise books fairs, and run public and private sector associations.

What better way to celebrate the work we do than with an exhibition of books about women from many countries, putting centre stage our collective work as a colourful chorus of voices!

BCBF is proud to present, in collaboration with PublisHer, Women donne femmes Frauen 女性 mujeres wanawake نساء …, curated by Accademia Drosselmeier/Cooperativa Giannino Stoppani, an exhibition of excellent books recounting the lives of women, their struggle to have their rights recognized, and the role they play, and have played, in art, architecture, science, sport, dance, cinema, music, fashion, writing and the promotion of reading.