When everything matters

Ukrainian illustrators and graphic designers

In 2022, it became clear that Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine affected people all over the world. Some have seen devastating videos of the war, some have spoken out against businesses that support Russia’s aggression, and others have opened their doors to people fleeing the war. 

The war showed how quickly and easily human lives can be destroyed. That is why people are increasingly valuing common things and daily rituals. In addition to everyday topics, the issues that the international community is concerned about have intensified in Ukraine. In our illustrations, we want to highlight not only the war and its impact on everyday life, but also its global impact on culture, ecology, education, and human rights. 

We are convinced that art can help us make sense of reality, no matter how complicated it is, and help us think about the future. It is very important for Ukrainians to maintain a cultural dialogue with the world, and to talk about the realities of Ukraine and the future of our country. This is the way Ukrainians feel great support from the international community. 

Pictoric and the International Book Arsenal Festival present the international illustration exhibition ‘When Everything Matters’. Inspired by the focus theme of the 11th International Book Arsenal Festival, it was exhibited for the first time during this year’s festival, which was held in June 2023 in Kyiv, Ukraine. The exhibition presents new works by leading Ukrainian and international creators. This project is a dialogue of Ukrainian illustrators and graphic designers with artists from other countries and a discussion of important topics in the language of illustration.