Sólin Sekkur and the BCBF Visual Identity Workshop 2022

Sólin Sekkur

Diego Fernández (aka Sólin Sekkur) was born in 1990 in Mexico City.
BCBF Illustrators Annual 2021

Finding Sólin

Sólin Sekkur’s capacity to condense feelings in his characters convinced us to choose him among the 77 illustrators selected for the 2021 BCBF Illustrators Exhibiti…
Some first concepts are discussed: portraits?
We love Sólin's characters, probably inspired by Mexican spirits...
Children like to sit and watch clouds take the shapes of animals.
Portraits and clouds?
Loads of sketches are being sent across the Ocean, from Mexico City...
...to Bologna, from Bologna to Mexico City.
While sketching on intensely, the portrait-idea slowly gains position over clouds...
...keeps growing...
...gets stress-tested – and finally produces the first original characters.
"Mr Rainbow" and "Hoody" are beautiful, but kind of strange fellows!