Italian Excellence

The third chapter of the exhibitions’ collection  “Children’s Illustration. Italian Excellence” focused on the new generation of italian children’s illustrators

Third edition of ‘Italian Excellence‘, the international exhibition on the Italian panorama of children’s illustrations. 

The first one took internationally renowned illustrators around the world, while the second celebrated Gianni Rodari, this third edition is dedicated to young Italian illustrators (aged between 23 and 35) who have made a name for themselves thanks to the quality of their drawing, the originality of their content and their ability to make texts interact with images in a personal and unique way. 

The exhibition presents work by twenty of the most promising artists: Giacomo Agnello Modica, Andrea Antinori, Michael Bardeggia, Beatrice Cerocchi, Marianna Coppo, Francesca Corso, Cecilia Ferri, Chiara Ficarelli, Marta Pantaleo, Giulia Pastorino, Irene Penazzi, Alice Piaggio, Camilla Pintonato, Michelangelo Rossato, Veronica Ruffato, Lorenzo Sangió, Francesca Sanna, Luca Tagliafico, Giulia Tomai, Veronica Truttero. 

Sometimes their work goes beyond the traditional confines of the book to cover whole walls or become posters. Their work can be found in magazines or is self-published on the web. One artist has been shortlisted for the Kate Greenaway Medal; many are among those selected for the Illustrators Exhibition of Bologna Children’s Book Fair; others have just started out in the challenging world of children’s publishing. 

Every artist is represented by different techniques and poetic visions which interpret the classics – from fairy stories to Dante – producing new and surprising proposals for the publishing world. Mastery of their art form, originality and experience will make them future landmarks in the history of Italian