Distendere la mano a colorare: Dante nelle figure

Italy’s Supreme Poet in pictures

On-page illustrations past and present:
a journey through images conceived for young readers.

Distendere la mano a colorare: Dante nelle figure” tells the story of Italy’s Supreme Poet through the world of children’s book from William Blake to Gustave Dorè, from Marco Somà to Marcello Toninelli.

The exhibition is organized by the Department of Culture of the Municipality of Ravenna - Biblioteca Classense and BCBF – BolognaFiere and curated by the Drosselmeier Academy. After the preview presentation at the BCBF online edition, the exhibition will be hosted at the Classense Library in Ravenna.

For the first time, three major cultural institutions work together in synergy on this project to throw the spotlight on children’s books inspired by Dante’s works.

The earliest illustrated adaptions of the Divine Comedy only appeared in Italy in 1921. It is, however, in the new millennium that children’s bookshelves have welcomed more and more works inspired by Dante, including by top children’s authors Roberto Piumini, Angela Nanetti, Beatrice Masini and Luigi Garlando, who have chosen to share their interpretations of and relationship with Italy’s Supreme Poet.

The exhibition features a gallery of authors past and present, along with great illustrators of children’s editions and cartoonists that have worked on children’s publications.